Erasmus+ Programme & Interinstitutional Agreements

Erasmus+ Programme

The aim of Erasmus+ Programme

The aim of Erasmus programme is to raise the quality of education in Europe. This aim may be summarised as offering the good practices of education in different countries of Europe to the whole Europe.

The objectives of Erasmus+ Programme

The objectives of this programme are to promote the collaboration of universities and  student and staff mobility among universities, to recognise the achieved studies academically and to contribute to the development of academic transparency.

Erasmus+ Programme  is not,

A foreign language learning programme,

A scholarship programme,

An academic  degree programme

In order to participate in various Erasmus+ activities, higher education institutions  must be awarded with a University Charter and they must sign interinsitutional agreements with partner institutions. Interinsitutional agreements state the specifics of the individual institutional cooperations.



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