“Erasmus+ Online Talks -16- Germany Staff Training Mobility" Program Was Held
19 August 2022 | 15:40

On 3rd of June; at our university, the sixteenth of the Online Erasmus+ Talks was held with the title of “Erasmus+ Staff Training Mobility Germany Experience”. While Inst.Erdoğan Çatak was the moderator of the program; Assoc. Dr. Duygu Ağagündüz who is a faculty member of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, and also Erasmus Coordinator of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, attented to share his experiences in Germany.

In his opening speech, Inst. Erdoğan Çatak thanked the participants and those who contributed to the realization of the event.

Assoc. Dr. Duygu Ağagündüz stated that she had participated in several Erasmus+ mobilities. She mentioned that "anyone who attends Erasmus+ wants to go again, so I applied as soon as the applications opened and I completed the process in a good way."

Ağagündüz, who prepared a nice presentation about Erasmus+ process, presented some key information about the application process to go to Germany.

Inst. Erdoğan Çatak stated that one of the most frequently asked questions to their office is about getting an acceptance letter, and stated that Personnel Training Mobility is not only available at universities, but also to relevant institutions or organizations. In order to receive an acceptance letter from these places, he stated that the e-mails Duygu Ağagündüz sent during the application process set a very good example fort he candidates. Çatak stated that it will pave the way for our staff to prepare their previous work, duties and activities in CV and Letter of Intent formats and send them to the relevant institutions and organizations, and even send them to more than one place and receive an acceptance letter.


In the remainder of the program, Assoc. Dr. Duygu Ağagündüz's assignment processes, visa and passport procedures and her experiences in Germany were discussed. Afterwards, the program ended after the QA session.


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